This is the latest update for DJ TV 

This is what to enter in the DOWNLOADER APP 

Filelinked code is 



It is important to delete previous downloads in DOWNLOADER APP to save storage space

You can install newest version over current version without uninstalling

**Getting kicked back to HOME Screen

This have been taken to the developer     


Restore FIRESTICK to Factory Defaults    Settings  Device & Software   Restore to Factory Defaults  Then install the latest version of DJ TV 7411


I have another service as an option (like the original service)  FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE  you can install without uninstalling DJ TV    it is called INFINITY TV

INFINITY TV will work on following devices  Amazon, Android, PCs (Webplayer)  and  IOS (Apple), Smart Tvs (Samsung and LG )-Use IPTV Smarters Player or Smart STB, Mag Boxes, XBOX and ROKU


Current DJ TV Customers  Once you have had  a FREE TRIAL of INFINITY i can transfer your service    FREE TRIALS  you are registered if you create a free trial from my app  DO NOT USE SYMBOLS  DO NOT USE COMMON NAMES  it will NOT WORK  best advice is use first part of email address as username  (everything before the @) and a phone number for the password  INFINITY is more user friendly 10k movies , 900 series, 24/7 , Catch up, Match Center, ESPN Plus and more !!!!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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